Monday, 8 December 2014

My Thoughts On...Judging a Book By It's Cover

My new Monday feature! Last week I talked about my thoughts on romance in other genres...whereas this week I'm going to talk about Judging books by their covers...

Now I'd like to think that I'm a fairly established book blogger, and by that I mean I have established relationships with several authors and get requests for reviews. This does mean that I have a lot, and I do mean a lot of books to choose from. I'll admit to this being one reason I like doing blog tours; I have to read a certain book by a certian day which makes choosing less difficult, but it doesn't always happen! Though I do have a confession to make regarding how I pick my books...sometimes it really is all about the cover!

Just as a warning, I've gone through the book covers on my blog and picked out the standout ones, whether they were good, bad or didn't reflect the book, I thought this would give an idea how I view book covers! (Feel free to skip some!)

I'm unashamed to say that The Winner's Crime (left) is a book that I really really want to read because of the cover (and the cover for the previous book is just as pretty!) Saying that I have read the blurb since and am really looking forward to reading! Without a doubt it was the cover that attracted me to this book. Judgement is still reserved!

Foresworn (right) I read for a book tour, which I choose based on their blurbs more than the covers, so I only really looked at the cover properly after I finished the book. What hit me about this cover (as well as the covers of the previous two books; Foretold and Forecast) was how well the covers reflected the story of the three triplets. Raven has snow on her cover (book 1), Coral has water on hers (book 2) and Kat has fire on hers (right, book 3) which all linked in to prophecies about the Norse end of the world. I also really liked the fact that the girls appeared on the covers alone and without a guy. Saying that I'm not convinced I'd have picked up the books based on the covers alone (but I won't ever actually know!

Queen of Someday is an interesting one. I knew about the book before it had a cover and was kind of intrigued (it's about Catherine the Great of Russia) and then when it turned up on Netgalley with a cover I took one look and knew that I wanted to read it. Saying that, it wasn't the cover or the blurb that made me choose to read this in the end, but another bloffers review...still the cover is stunning. Though I don't think it reflects that the book is historical fiction, in fact if I hadn't already known I'd have thought it was fantasy, so despite being a great looking cover I don't think it reflects the setting very well.

The cover isn't the reason that I read The One...well not exactly! The cover is the reason that I read The Selection, which is the reason I read The One, but I do think that of the three books I think The One has the best cover. I also think that the cover is a pretty good represention of the books, though maybe it might make you think of a fantasy as opposed to a dystopia.

The cover isn't the reason that I read Everlastingly, in fact the reason I read it is because I'm part of the Michelle M Pillow review team, which is great because I'm very much enjoying her various books. I just like looking at this cover though! I think it would attract me (though I'll never know) and actually it does have some baring to the story, which I like.

Adagio is another blog tour book...but I will admit to being swayed by the cover for this one, which is stunning, and is what made me read the blurb, and ultimately the book. The cover kind of reflects the story, which is based around a ballet company, but it is quite a modern interpretation so it kind of fits, though maybe doesn't scream ballet straight away.

Sworn to Raise is the first book in a series of books which all have stunning covers, and luckily a great story to go with it. This was a book that's cover made me read the blurb and then say that I had to read it, nothing could stop me. I'm so glad I did because it is a truly great series...though I now read the books without thinking about what the cover looks like or what the blurb says!

In a Wolf's Eyes is a book whose cover doesn't live up to the book inside. I chose to read this book based on it's blurb alone and when I saw the cover I was a little underwhelmed. Luckily the story was fantastic and I didn't want to put it down, which goes to show that you really shouldn't let a cover sway whether or not you read a book.

Rumpled is a strange one...mainly because the reason I decided to read it was because I thought the cover was so bad. Sounds strange I know. This was a blog tour book and for some reason I just went 'oh well, I might as well try'. The book was enjoyable, though I do wish it was a better cover! Definitely showing my superficial side there!

 A Lady's Plight is another blog tour book that I chose to read because of the blurb rather than the cover, though I do like the cover (and the cover of the sequels) except for one thing...they don't match the time period. The Lords of Sussex series is set in Regency England, and yet the covers don't reflect that, though I do like the fact that the women aren't in a state of undress in them! Enjoyable series, just wish it reflected better!

 Falling for the Pirate is another one that I have to admit being a little superficial about. I chose it because it had a great cover, and a great title actually. What I was expecting was something a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean, I was disappointed when it wasn't, though I did enjoy the book to an extent, it just didn't live up to the cover.

The Virgin Witch & The Vampire King is one of the few books that I've come close to hating. The cover had me intrigued, as did the title actually (which only ended up confusing me because the witch wasn't actually a virgin). Though it had potential from my point of view because of the cover, this book definitely failed to deliver.

And by doing that I've just discovered that I really do judge books based on their covers. Not too sure why, but I also know that I shouldn't, and not just because I end up disappointed, but also because there's more to something than how it looks. But I do think that it also proves that your book needs to be eye catching in order to stand out and get people to read it. Good reviews and good writing aren't going to take you all the way!

Just doing that also made me realise that covers can often not have anything to do with the book, which is disappointing, but the way things go!

What do you think? Does what a book looks like have an influence on if you read it? Or have you been disappointed by a book that you chose based on it's cover?