Monday, 29 December 2014

Book: Tea for Three by Kate St James

I received a copy of Tea for Three in exchange for my review.

Layla has never wanted to be a one man woman, but now she's found Gil she's seriously considering it. Gil knows that Layla has needs and wants to be the one that fulfils them...which is where Hunter comes in. Gil knows that Layla probably won't be satisfied by one man, and as he and Hunter have shared women before it seems logical to use him to give Layla what she wants. Layla can't believe her luck to have two sexy men giving her attention and makes the most of the situation...

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It's been a while since I read a ménage so I thought I'd give this one a go, plus after I finished Carrier (for me what was last night, but for the post was about 2 weeks ago) I really needed something light that wasn't going to bog me down, and if there's one thing I've learnt about ménages it's that they're often mostly sex with a little bit of romance and the men realising they actually kind of like each other and can put up with each other. So I read this and I was left disappointed.

The blurb on Netgalley said;
That includes sharing her with ultra sexy Hunter again and again -- not only for a passion-filled night but for many more to come. 
So in my mind I was expecting a developping relationship between the three of them, with Gil and Hunter coming to accept each other in Layla's lives and them all being the better for it. Instead all you get is a pretty graphic description of a three-way, with an unbelievable (and I do mean unbelievable) number of orgasms. Meaning that not only was I feeling let down by the romance, but I was also feeling let down by the sex scenes themselves.

Saying that, there was nothing wrong with the writing itself. The words on the page flowed well, and there wasn't any language used the made me think 'ewww' (happens sometimes, though I get even more annoyed by more than one word being used to describe the same thing) which is a bonus. I just wasn't buying into the story.

I also kind of expected the fact that Layla ran a teashop to be relevant, but beyond it being where they met it really wasn't. This is only a short book (hence why I didn't just abandon it) and I'm sure if you're just looking for some sex then it'd be great, but it just didn't work for me.