Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Book: Tangled Trust by Nova Raines

I received a copy of Tangled Trust in exchange for my review.

Having been left feeling alone and rejected after Kaidan called her the wrong name, Hayley can't seem to avoid him and his unnerving gaze. Agreeing to go to lunch with him doesn't sound like a good idea, but before Hayley knows it she's agreeing, and finding herself once more entwined with Kaidan Stone. But playing on the back of her mind is the fact that she is broke, until she can fulfill the condition to her father's will and steal back the diamond that he gave an ex-girlfriend, the same woman who is currently dating Kaidan's father...

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Tangled Trust takes you right into the lives of the rich and famous...or in Hayley's case the could be rich and famous. Everything seems to be going wrong for poor Hayley, and I can't help but feel sorry for her, especially as she does the very human thing of keeping it all to herself, and even more than that, she actually has no idea what she's going to do to solve the problem. It makes her incrediably human, which I think is necessary when faced with the world of award ceremonies, paparazzi and incrediably attractive men!

The chemistry between Kaidan and Hayley is off the scale, and even though they keep having blips in their budding relationship, both in the previous book and in this one, there is potential for them there. In fact it is these blips that make them more grounded as a couple and more believable to the reader.

I really like the inside look into the lifestyle that Kaidan and Hayley are living. Especially as Hayley is only famous (well half-famous) because of who her parents were, something that does seem to bother her to some extent, and has had an affect on her brother, Rowan, who is quite dismissive of her. Kaidan on the other hand seems to have a lot of expectations on him as the son of a famous record label owner, and the nuances of how they're dealing with it make the story.

I'm still not sure what to make of some of the side characters, they're certainly well written that's not an issue, it is just whether to like them or not. So many of the characters that have appeared in The Lust List aren't black and white, whether they're main characters like Hayley, or side characters like Charlotte or Calvin Stone.

I remain completely intrigued as to what is going on with the necklace now!

This book counts towards Winter COYER