Sunday, 28 December 2014

Book: Taking Karre by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Taking Karre in exchange for my review.  

Karre steals secrets,  secrets that Divinity would rather stayed hidden. But when chance catches up with her, Karre gets caught and interigated, though she's taken on so many personas that remembering who she really is is more difficult than anyone thought. Dumped in Staria to become a bride, Karre finds a not unwelcome attraction to Sir Vidar, an attraction that is returned and he picks her to be his wife. Building a life together doesn't take the couple long,  and they both discover that feelings between them grow, by Karre doesn't like feeling useless and insists on helping, putting herself in danger in the process...

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This is the 4th book in the Divinity Warriors series and completes the stories of the first four women to be married. Karre is one that had me intrigued from the start, because of how Lilith came across her later in the book (which was explained in this one and was actually quite amusing) but this book was about more than just the relationship between Vidar and Karre, but there is also the resolutions to Divinity and Sorcereress Magda added into the mix.

The romance between Vidar and Karre was passionate,  as well as sometimes sweet and often funny as the two of them vied for the power in their relationship (mainly through sex) but I did also feel that there was more to their relationship than that, and it worked well.  

There was plenty of action in this book as well, with both Karre's past and Sorceress Magda needing resolving. The events from the previous three books all tied in here and then tied up with the rest. I though it worked well and was a satisfying end to the enemy that has been plagueing the characters from the beginning. I also thought that the part that Karre played in taking down the enemy was necessary and avoided the risk 

This series has been enjoyable all the way through, with each book telling a different part of the story. 

Taking Karre counts towards Winter COYER