Monday, 15 December 2014

Book: Taking Control by Nina Croft

I received a copy of Taking Control in exchange for my review.

Jessica Bauer had her heart broken 10 years ago by Declan McCabe, and since she hasn't let any man near her heart. But now Jess has been requested as his bodyguard after attempts on Declan's life. Declan has never really forgotten Jess, she was the only time in his life that he'd let his heart rule his head and left his perfect image behind. The attraction is still there but Jess is determined to keep her distance, whereas Declan soon realises that keeping away from her is not going to happen and is determined to change her mind about being more than just a physical pit stop...

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I've read a couple of Nina Croft's books before, Break Out and Daughter of the Dragon Princess and enjoyed both, though this is the first time that I've read a Nina Croft romance. But having enjoyed the author before, and having a good track record with Brazen titles, I thought I'd give it a go, and I definitely wasn't disappointed.

The chemistry between Declan and Jess was definitely there, and they were definitely on an equal footing in the relationship. It wasn't just Declan wanting to protect Jess, but Jess wanting to protect Declan as well, which was probably partly because she was a security guard and that was her job! Whatever the reasons the relationship worked well, there was a good mix between vulnerability, passion and emotion.

I really liked the fact that neither of the characters said 'I love you' too quickly, though you could see each of them coming to that realisation. It was especially good to see this when the trope of past lovers reunited is used, quite often then it's a case of 'I still love you' but this felt more like the two of them falling in love again.

I also liked the way that the supporting characters were a part of the story, it never felt like they were there just because, instead they were used to make Jess seem more human (she was quite seperate from other people for the majority of the story) and it made it makemore sense flow wise.

I wasn't disappointed at all by this book, and I look forward to reading more from Nina Croft!