Monday, 1 December 2014

Book: Room 72 by E R Pierce

I received a copy of Room 72 in exchange for my review.

With two failed attempts at getting it on, Katie and Philip are both determined that this is the night. Having been shopping for the perfect (and see-through) outfit, Katie has everything ready for when Philip arrives...not that that helps her nerves. Both Katie and Philip know that whatever it is between them has the potential to get serious fast and that just adds to the nerves. But as soon as they're in the same room together the chemistry takes over and dinner is soon forgotten...

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Room 72 is the 6th book in the Hot Lunch series and the 3rd about Katie and Philip. I reviewed the box set of 1-5 a while back and found that the characters weren't just sexy and fun, but there was more to them, and given the chance to carry on Katie and Philip's story I was more than happy to. All of the books are short reads, so if you're looking for something quick and steamy this is the way to go! And the bonus is there's even a story line!

The book opened with Katie getting ready for her date (by going shopping) with her best friend Sam (who was the heroine of books 1-3) and I couldn't stop laughing! Sam would say something and I wouldn't be able to help myself because it was genuinely funny. I loved the way that the female friendship between them came across, it felt so genuine. Similarly the friendship between Ryan (Sam's finacé) and Philip came across well and I felt that that came naturallly.

The scenes between Katie and Philip had a good amount of chemistry, and it felt like they really were into each other, but there was something that I liked more than that in their relationship, and that was that nothing seemed over polished...yes they had sex, but 'real' things happened (like not being able to get through a door), it just made it all feel more real!