Monday, 22 December 2014

Book: Keeping Paige by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Keeping Paige in exchange for my review.

Paige has been an outcast from her people because of her visions, so much so that they have pushed her through a fairy ring. High on the potion that they forced on her, when she meets Aidan she's immediately taken into a highly sexual zone where she can't get enough of him. Aidan has been told that he has to take a wife soon or he'll be childless and wifeless forever, and can't believe his luck when he comes across Paige. Though Paige warms to him quickly, when she sees him comforting his dead friend's wife she fears thw worst and runs. Forced to be a part of the Breeding Ceremony, Paige worries that Aidan won't claim her again and that she'll be left to the whims of other Starians...

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Paige has had me intrigued since meeting her in Lilith Enraptured, and this has answered a lot of questions about her. Whereas most of the stories have started just before the Breeding Ceremony, Keeping Paige starts way before that, and there is already a relationship between the two characters before Paige is chosen. This worked well, and made it so Paige's story stood apart from the others in ways that are all it's own.

Aidan was actually really sweet. Even before he was softened by Paige you could see he had a sweet side, most notably shown with his friend's wife and daughter. I thought this was interesting considering the other Starian men of the series that have always wanted to put on a front. It also meant that I warmed to Aidan a lot faster than the others, and Paige did too.

Paige had an easier time adjusting culturally than either Jayne or Lilith did in their books, but that was to do with the world where she was from, and in some ways Staria was more advanced than her home planet. I thought that the slight culture shock and culture differences were well caught by the author and definitely added to the story.

The chemistry between Paige and Aidan was strong, and actually I think that their's is the most believable relationship of the three I've read so far...though having now read what Karre says at the Breeding Ceremony I'm even more interested to know her story!

This series has got better, I'm looking forward to reading more!

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