Friday, 5 December 2014

Book: Foretold by Rinda Elliott

Raven and her two sisters, all triplets, have known all their lives that they would play a role in the end of the world. Each sister has within her the soul of a Norn, the Norse equivalent to the fates, and each gives her the power of divination. Raven tells of the past, Coral of the present and Kat of the future. But things all change when Ragornak comes, and the three years of winter progresses at lightening speed. When their mother disappears, the girls are worried that she has gone out to kill the warriors, one of whom is prophesised to kill one of the triplets. Searching for their warriers, Raven comes across Vanir, who holds the soul of the God Odin, and feels instantly drawn to him. As they get to know each other it becomes clear that there is something more between them, but with the end of the world drawing near they don't have the chance to fully explore it...

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Let me start with the aesthetics...I love the cover of the book, and I especially love it when you put it next to the other two covers in the series, I think they all work really well together, and shows each sister to be different which I do think is important when the MCs are identical triplets. I'm also impressed that the covers don't feature couples, though there is a love story, but I do think that too many covers focus on that aspect of the story and not on the rest of it.

I've never really read anything surrounding Norse mythology before, which was partly what attracted me to Foretold, but I have read various books surrounding Greek and Egyptian mythology and found myself liking them immensly. So it was little surprise to me that I enjoyed Foretold a lot as well. The culture in the book was well written and came about in the right way, I never felt that information was dumped on me for no reason and it flowed well within the text.

The chemistry between Raven and Vanir was off the scale, I really felt it, though the book was YA (though in my opinion would fall into the more mature YA catagory, no sex but there were some moments where the characters very clearly wanted to go there) the characters didn't feel as immature as some YA characters do. Also seems a strange thing to like, but I liked that Raven was older than Vanir (even if not by much), not many authors actually do that.

There was a fair bit of action in Foretold as well. And what I liked about that was that the characters didn't always fare that well. They'd get injured and do stupid things, and that made the outcome more believable. Some people also didn't make it, which was sad, but also more realistic than the good guys always winning.

I really enjoyed Foretold and am looking forward to reading more in the series.