Friday, 19 December 2014

Book: Firefly by Jen Minkman

Zlata lives in Ebrus, the only settlement in the world that survived the great flood. Ebrus keeps a strict eye on it's citizens, only allowing three sick days a year, banning them from looking at the ocean beyond the wall and ensuring that they all work the treadmills in order to produce energy for the town. One day Zlata hears a strange sound coming from an alley and questions her grandfather about it. Following her heart it leads her to the star, and the star leads to something she'd never even dreamed of...

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I've enjoyed Jen Minkman's dystopias before (The Island trilogy) and so when I got the email about Firefly I knew I had to read it and the first thought I had about it was that it is amazing the amount of world building that Minkman has managed to do in a short number of pages. The dystopia definitely felt developed, and I do hope that there is going to be more from the world of Ebrus because it did sound like such a good alternative world.

There were very few characters in Firefly, mainly due to the length I suspect, and the only characters who felt like they were developed were Zlata and her grandfather, though I didn't think that this was a detriment to the story. Only really focusing on Zlata's development meant that it felt believable and worked within the context of the story.

I also liked the fact that Minkman didn't just make this about finding a way to celebrate Christmas in this dystopia, in fact she included festivals from Hinduism, Judisim and Buddhism as well as Christianity, something that I do think is overlooked by many authors. There are great celebrations that also needed to be included.

I enjoyed this short dystopian read, and I do hope to read more from this world. Also I love the cover, I think it works well once you've read the story as well as being eye catching!