Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Book: Fighting Lady Jayne by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Fighting Lady Jayne in exchange for my review.

Jayne is one of Divinity's top entertainment commodities, a boxer with a great reputation. But when one fight doesn't go her way, she wakes up in a strange place in a plane where war is the most important thing and women are rare. Unlike the other women she's with, Jayne doesn't wait to be chosen, and instead chooses Ronen, thinking he'll be easily won over. But what starts as a way of manipulating him soon turns into finding ways to please him, and Jayne can't help her feelings from getting stronger. Ronen's people don't believe in love, but the feelings he has towards his wayward wife can't be explained in any other way...if only she would understand that.

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I'm not sure what I was expecting after reading the first book in the series, Lilith Enraptured, but whatever it was Fighting Lady Jayne delivered that and more. I found myself getting more and more involved in the dysfunctional relationship the pair of them seemed to have going on, though at times I wanted to bang their heads together for being idiots about the whole thing!

Jayne was an interesting character, though she wasn't traditionally femanine, there was some softness and vulnerability around her, mainly clear in the way that she started to care for Ronen and want to look out for him. At the same time this was no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. She was a physically powerful woman and would (and did) take care of herself...even if she did need saving at a few points.

On a complete side note...I'm really not sure what to make of the Queen, I kind of want to know more about her so I can make up my mind.

I really liked the way that Ronen and Jayne's relationship progressed. At first it was about physical attraction and neither of them denied that, but Starian tradition meant that it was always going to be more than that, and seeing their relationship blossom felt right, particularly when they started to accept each other for who they are.

This book definitely put more meat on the bones about the world, and though it can be read as a stand alone to truely appreciate it the series should be read from the beginning! It has been an enjoyable journey to be with Ronen and Jayne, and I'm excited to see what Paige and Karre's stories bring as well!