Friday, 26 December 2014

Book: Dissonance by Erica O'Rourke

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Every choice is a what if, even accidents are caused by choices, and each choice creates an Echo unbeknown to the Key World. Del and her family are Walkers, people with the genetic ability to walk from Echo to Echo without being seen and to Cleave worlds and destroy them if there is a problem with their frequency. Del keeps seeing Echos of the same boy, Simon Lane, a boy from school that she's always had a crush on but has never noticed her, except now he has. While her best friend, Eliot, is pushed to the side, Del finds herself more and more involved in Simon, and in Walking, despite the fact that the Consort banned her...

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Firstly, I love the cover! Not only is it eye catching and beautiful but it also makes sense in the context of the story, which quite often I find isn't the case with books. Also on the note of things not really about the content of the book, this is the first time I'd read anything on pulseit and I was surprised at how usable it was!

I absolutely loved the culture created in the book of parallel worlds and Walkers being able to hear them. It was interwoven with the story brilliantly, and included in a way that felt like you were learning about the world Del and her family lived in, but not that you were being preached at. Walking wasn't a black and white thing and I liked that a lot. The fact that it was all interlinked with music worked well as well!

I wasn't sure about Simon at first, I was really willing Del to wake up and realise that Eliot was waiting for her, but he actually grew on me as a character towards the end of the book. Saying that, I do still think that Eliot is better forr Del but I could change my mind. I think this could be something to do with the fact that Simon had Echos, and Del interacted with them first, so when it came to 'real' Simon, his failings had already been pointed out.

I thought that the author captured the antagonistic but loving relationship between siblings really well. It didn't matter that Addison and Del were special because of their Walking abilities, they were still like any other pair of siblings, and I liked to see that.

The ending. Well it took me a bit by surprise in some respects, and I was also a little shocked by how sad the ending was, not sure why I just hadn't expected to feel that sad about it. Dissonance was very enjoyable, I'd recommend it.