Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Book: Determined Prince by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Determined Prince in exchange for my review.

Kyran's people, the Draig, and their friends and allies, the Var, have discovered a problem; neither the dragon shifting Draig or the cat shifting Var are having any female shifters born. Setting their eyes on Earth as a source for women, Kyran, his brother and two Var Princes make their way over to Earth. Eve has been wondering her whole life, so long as she has a guitar in her hand she's happy. When Kyran walks into the bar where she's playing, she's immediately attracted to him. Slightly misinterpreting the message that Eve's giving him, Kyran takes him bck to his homeworld and makes her his wife, though expecting Eve to just go with it may be expecting a little too much...

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Before Determined Prince I actually have only read one Dragon Lords book (The Dragon's Queen), so didn't know too much about the universe it is set in, and I don't think I'd have to. You could read Determined Prince as a stand alone and still understand what is going on with the shifters and the customs. I love it when books create a rich culture for me to appreciate, and this one definitely gave me that!

I absolutely loved Kyran. He's a dragon shifter and kind of pretended to be hard, whereas in fact he was a big softy. He didn't actually force Eve to do anything, but did insist on wearing her down with charm (not that he really realised he was doing it). I also loved the way that the shifters were trying to blend in on Earth (badly) because they'd watched some TV, and the way Eve would be misunderstood because of the language and culture differences. I thought these were well written and there were several moments where I laughed aloud.

The relationship between Eve and Kyran was actually kind of sweet, but aat the same time they had a passion and bounced off each other well. Despite Kyran's over protective instincts, it felt like their relationship was one of equals and I liked that. I also liked the fact that they didn't rush into sex, and the game they played (which was effectively who would crack first) added to the tension and my amusement.

I think this is my favourite Michelle M Pillow book so far, but I'm definitely excited to see what else she has come up with!