Thursday, 4 December 2014

Book: Come by JA Huss

Harper has been living life as anonymously as she can, not wanting the people that are looking for her to find her. James knows how to find people, and the woman he's just discovered intrigues him. He knows who she is and has been warned that she is dangerous, but that doesn't stop him being intrigued by the woman in front of him. Harper doesn't want to let anyone in at all, but she can't stop thinking about the man that's found her. Carrying something on could be dangerous for the both of them, but sometimes that's not a good enough reason to stay away.

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I've seen several reviews of books from JA Huss recently and the vast majority were positive which had me intrigued, then while having a conversation with the other bloggers in the COYER facebook group, they started talking and I caved to read Come. (The COYER facebook group is terrible for my TBR list, but ultimately I've read some great books because of conversations on there!)

I'll start with the 'bad' bits, I say 'bad' because actually they were very easy to overlook and I did still very much enjoy the book. I wasn't keen on the fact that Harper was one of those virgins that was suddenly really great at sex, though she did have a fair bit of direction which was fair enough, but I also lost count of the amount of orgasms she had and I really wasn't buying it all that much. But as I said, it was an easy thing to overlook.

The other potentially negative thing, that didn't actually bother me but may bother other readers (this is fiction remember, the idea is that we experience things we otherwise couldn't) was that James came off as kind of creepy at times (which Harper didn't actually freak out about all that much) with his stalking and going through her home. Saying that, Harper did freak out about the texts, which made the whole thing more acceptable...I think.

I actually really liked the mysteriousness that surrounded both of their characters (and yes James' creepiness came a bit from that). It was never all that clear exactly how they ended up in the situations that they were in, or exactly what the institution they were (unwillingly) part of was, and that definitely piqued my interest. I wanted to know the answers and was determined to keep reading to find them, not that I actually got more than half answers, which just captivated my attention more.

The chemistry between James and Harper was good as well, they weren't rushing into emotionally over the topness (though there was some possessiveness from James and some talk of falling for him from Harper) and it felt right given the situation. In bed they were definitely compatable (over looking the Harper being a virgin thing, it was easy to do) and out of it they seemed to challenge each other just enough to have a good connection going. I also really liked the way that the author switched perspectives with each chapter, I thought it really added to the story.

I read Come in one sitting, and there's very little doubt that (at some point) I will pick up the next book and see where that one takes Harper and James.