Sunday, 21 December 2014

Book: Christmas Curse by Michelle M Pillow

Megan thinks that she is cursed. If she celebrates Christmas then something goes wrong. Except this year the curse has happened early, and her boyfriend, Sean, broke up with her via letter as she sat in their favourite restaurant. Running back to her parents home for Christmas, heartbroken and alone. But Megan is surprised when Sean shows up, disappointed that she left without him and clueless about the letter, thinking he just told her that he couldn't make it and would call her later. Could fixing their relationship convince Megan that the Christmas Curse isn't real?

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Before I even properly start my review I do need to say that though I did enjoy Christmas Curse, I'd have enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn't constantly been thinking about the fact that the MC had the same name as my ex (the bad one). I know that's not the fault of the author, it's all in my head, so I'm mentioning it first!

The curse itself wasn't a paranormal one, this is just a contemporary romance, but the way that it worked was good. It was a list of things that had gone wrong over the years for Megan on Christmas (and many of them were funny as well!) and in the way that people do, she started to fixate on what had gone wrong and see it as a curse. I thought it was actually a very well thought out aspect of human nature.

The chemistry between Sean and Megan was great, really believable and it was used, alongside the sex, to show how they were good for each other. I never doubted that Sean and Megan were good for one another after Sean was introduced, and I was routing for them all the way through!

I enjoyed Christmas Curse, and would have enjoyed it more if the hero had a different name! (Though that is definitely my fault and no one elses!) There were sweet and steamy moments in Christmas Curse, and as a short read this was a good one.