Saturday, 27 December 2014

Book: Bonds of Trust by Lynda Aicher

I received a copy of Bonds of Trust from my COYER Secret Santa (because they're amazing!)

After years of an unhappy marriage, Cali has finally decided to do something about her desires and has become a member at The Den, the most exclusive sex club in the area. Both of Jake's business partners know that he's likely to up and leave the club at the end of the contract, but when Cali comes along they think that they may have the key to making him stay. All Cali's ever really wanted was to feel desired, cherished and loved, and when Jake starts to give her that they both start having feelings they hadn't expected. Things can always go wrong though, and one chance encounter at the club could change everything...

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Despite already having book 7 on my Kindle, my brain won't let me read it until I've read the other books in the series that I haven't so far. This being book 1 it was actually a kind of strange place to read it (I've already read books 4, 6 and 2, in that order) especially as an introduction to the series and the world. As someone who has read other books in the series, I didn't think it need quite so much, however if I was new to the series then I can definitely see how it would be a good introduction.

The relationship between Cali and Jake was definitely interesting to read, for the simple reason that I've already read it as an established relationship, so this book really just put the meat on the bones of that. Whereas before it was just part of the background, now there is the knowledge of just how much they had to work for it. And they did, though it could have been a lot easier for them than they made it!

I liked how none of it was easy for the characters. Cali especially had it difficult in accepting what she was doing and who she was. This made her have more layers as a character and be more accessible in a way. It also meant that Jake had to work just that bit harder to convince her that she was beautiful and a good person. Again I thought this added to the relationship.

I thought that this book was a bit more BDSM heavy than the others, though I think that was a combination of the characters and the fact that this was an introduction to the Den and the owners. I still think it worked well because there was a focus on the rest of the character's lives as well.

I'm looking forward to continueing on in the series! This time a little more in order!