Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Book: Bonds of Desire by Lynda Aicher

Bonds of Desire is book 3 of Wicked Play.

When a sub gets badly injured at the Den, Seth can't help but feel more at fault than he should, taking Tyler to his own apartment to care for him. In the process he calls Allie, lawyer and friend to his business partners' subs, Kendra and Cali. Since going to the Den with her friends, Allie has been fantisising about Master Seth, but seeing Tyler's injuries makes her want to care for him. As time progresses it becomes clear that Allie is attracted to both men, and that they're both attracted to her...but more than that, they're attracted to each other as well. Will Allie run? Or can their unconventional relationship work?

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I've been well and truely drawn back into this series (as you can probably tell by the number of reviews of the Wicked Play series that have been on my blog this month!) and it is yet to disappoint! I've always known about the three of these characters in a relationship (having read book 4 first) and it was very interesting to go back to the beginning and watching it form.

In terms of BDSM, in comparison with the other books it was quite soft, there was very little of the action actually taking place in the Den. Rather the Dom/sub relationships came out with orders and comfort. Seth took charge, Tyler took charge of Allie a bit, and Allie submitted to them both, though only in the bedroom, elsewhere they stood no chance! This created a real complex dynamic between the three of them and worked well for growing their relationship.

None of the characters were simple, they all had past issues that they had to get past, and they all had to get past that in some way. Because of the way the narrative worked at times you couldn't see what they were thinking or how they were acting, whereas others you could, and I thought that worked really well. The narrative was third person but it concentrated on one of the trio at a time.

It was also interesting to take the first look at how the Den interacted with the outside world. (Though I have already read a bit of that in book 6 - I think) but this just added to it, and reinforces my somewhat strange idea of reading all the other books before I read book 7, Shattered Bonds.

This series is great. I love the characters, the complexity and the fact that the story is about far more than sex or BDSM. It makes the books enjoyable and engaging. Well worth a read.