Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Book: Bonds of Denial by Lynda Aicher

Bonds of Denial is book 5 of Wicked Play.

For his entire life, Rock has hidden who he is, particularly from his strict military father. But that was until one of the male escorts who came to the Den each month caught his attention. Carter is close to the end of his contract with the escorting service and can't wait to get out, but when he is hired by Rock things take a different turn, especially because of the connection he feels with the man. While Rock is yet to come out of the closet, Carter has his own insecurities and making a relationship work between the two of them will take time and effort on both sides...

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I was going to apologise for the large amount of reviews on the Wicked Play series this month, and then I realised that I really wasn't sorry. This series has a way of dragging you in and keeping you hooked, and now I'm up to date with all the books except the grand finale (Shattered Bonds) which I refused to read until I'd read the rest of the books. Bonds of Denial is also a massive book for me because it is the first time that I've read a book where the focus was a gay romance. Not that I have anything against the genre, just not being a gay man I find it harder to relate to the characters so don't tend to read them (same as I'm still not 100% convinced by first person narrative from a males perspective, nothing to do with the writing, all to do with me).

I really liked it. I didn't have quite the same connection to the characters and the romance as in the other books where there was a female MC, but that was to be expected, but I did enjoy Carter and Rock's romance. I thought they had a very equal, and often very sweet romance, and even though there were some moments where it took me a moment to figure out the mechanics of what they were doing, I could believe the passion between them.

I thought the author captured the emotions of coming out well, or at least what I imagine the emotions to be like, I did have a close friend come out last year and I remember how worried and scared she was about the whole thing, and seeing that on the page worked well. I was sad for the characters, but did like, how the author made it so that not everyone took the news well, I think it was realistic and really hopes to show the problem of people not accepting gay relationships. At the end of the day love is love, it shouldn't matter who it is between.

I felt there was also a lot of other involvement from various characters from previous books, and I likeed to see the update of them. I must say I still think Quinn is one of my favourites, even if she was the heroine of the first Wicked Play book I read. I enjoyed this, I think it was a good addition to the series.