Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Book: Agony by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Agony in exchange for my review.

Since delivering a mercy hit, Lirium has been going from bad to worse, and when a collection goes badly he can barely hold it together, causing his psych officer to assign him a mentor. When Ophelia turns up at his door, Lirium is immediately taken by her, and not just because of her beauty, but also the information that he can learn from her about collecting, and the buzz that can be created by boosting...

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My first reaction to Agony was that I didn't like Ophelia, and I couldn't really tell if I was supposed to like her. It's clear that Lirium is somewhat taken by her and some of her lines did make me laugh, but as a person I don't think I liked her. Which says a lot about the way the author creates her characters and how drawn into the story the reader becomes!

Lirium makes me want to take care of him. The way he comes across, from his inner turmoil, is that he's a good person that really struggles with what he does during the day, which makes me wonder ever so slightly why he became a debt collector in the first place, and I'm suspecting that there's more to it than life hits.

I like how the cast of characters is kept small, though the only returning character from Delirium was Lirium himself, and yet it worked. Though I am looking forward to other characters being expanded! In this case it was meeting Candy, Lirium's psych officer, and Ophelia, a fellow collector.

I also liked how the author expanded on the information given in Delirium to build up the world and just how debt collection works. There was also a collection gone wrong in Agony which revealed more. There are still gaps, both in the reader's knowledge and in Lirium's and I'm looking forward to those finding out more about them.

I'm really liking Debt Collector and hope it keeps on being so good!