Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a blog Meme hosted weekly by Kimba @ the Caffinated Book Reviewer. This is the first time I've taken part though so I'm a little hesitant so bear with me!

Real Life News 

 I've recently started being an assistant at a local school to help in the languages department (I'm classed as 'business proficient' - a step below 'bilingual' on the fluency scale - in French) and it's been my second week this week. Somehow I'm now assisting with Spanish lessons, despite not being able to speak a word (so it's a bit of a learn as I go process) and I also ended up actually teaching some of the kids, though I don't think I have enough respect from them yet (they don't really know me at the moment) for it to actually work all that well! I must admit though, I'm starting to get favourites!

At Brownies (Girl Guides aged between 7 and 10) we made Christmas Decorations (though our attempt at making cards didn't work at all!) Unfortunately one of the girls was really upset this week, I hate seeing them like that and we're trying all we can to make sure she's ok (the advantages of living in a village where everyone knows rach other!)

Work wise, it's been really quiet at the pub all week, made even more so by the fact I'm training the new girl so don't have as much to do. But there was a massive function on last night which made up for the quietness!

For the family business I've been really busy this week, not only have I had my normal stuff to do, organinsing the social media of one of our clients, but I've been writing content for our new website, which has certainly kept me busy!

Writing wise I've done terribly this week! Though I have been thinking about where to go next with my fantasy work in progress, and I'm just waiting to here about the next step of the process for Awakening!

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Challenge Progress

I've read two books for Netgalley November this week, taking my total up to 12 and exceeding my target of 5-10 books :-) 

Books I've Been Excited About This Week 
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