Saturday, 22 November 2014

Book: Three Christmases by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

I received a copy of Three Christmases from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Having got through the rough patch, Hannah and Cade's relationship is going strong, thoguh now that Cade's consulting business is going from strength to strength, he has to work away a  lot. Though both of them are busy, when Cade is offered a job across the country, the separation gets harder and harder for the pair of them to take. Both of their businesses take a lot out of them, and working hard means that they spend less and less time together, but the worst thing is when Cade and Hannah realise that Cade can't just drop in at any point. With the holidays coming up things have to change, and with both of them thinking about life, that could have big consequences.

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I can't believe No Weddings is over, well a part from a 'nightcap' novella which I'm looking forward to. My only hope is that Cade has two single maybe they can have stories too! (At least I can hope). Three Christmases was the perfect ending, and the ending to Three Christmases itself was so moving, and was exactly the right thing for both Cade and Hannah, though there were a few shocks in the run up to that!

The relationship between Cade and Hannah was pretty stable at the beginning of Three Christmases, particularly after the events of the last book, which meant that this was a new challenge completely for them. Considering that most books look at the honeymoon stage of relationships, I thought that having one look into the more established relationship was great, particularly because it presented a whole new set of problems.

Considering the past problems that Cade and Hannah have had, there was a lot of talk in the future in this book, surrounding children and serious relationships, as well as the future of the two businesses. I liked the way that the conversations were tentative, and because there were points of view from both Hannah and Cade, it was possible to see how they were both feeling.

Cade's grand gestures just got a bit grander in this book, particularly towards the end, though to be fair after the heartbreak that he caused the pair of them he probably needed to make them! With the help of his sisters of course.

As with all the books there was flirty banter between the two of them as well, both in person and via text. I don't think it would be right without the exchanges between them, and I love the pair of them for it. Neither characters is perfect, instead they have their own quirkiness about them that made them seem real.

I absolutely loved Three Christmases, and the No Weddings series in general, and can't wait to see what the novella has in store, and if there's anything else coming from the Michealson family!