Friday, 21 November 2014

Book: Queen of Someday by Sherry D Ficklin

I recieved a copy of Queen of Someday from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Sophie is a Princess, though her family is coming close to bankrupcy and to solve it her mother wants Sophie to marry well. At the invite of the Empress of Russia, Sophie and her mother travel to the Russian Court, where all being well, Sophie will marry Peter, the heir to the throne. But when she meets Peter's friend, Alexandar things change, and though she is all set to marry one man, she finds herself falling in love with another. With her faithful friend and advisor Sergei by her side, Sophie navigates the political world around her and even when her plans do not happen the way she wanted, she rises above them and figures out another way...

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This is a book that I've been meaning to read for a while, I had it from Netgalley but it is also a Clean Teen Publishing book, and I've loved all of those that I've read. Plus I read Berl's review recently which pushed it to the top of my list. I already knew about the subject (and that she was a real historical figure) and a little bit, though not a lot, about Catherine the Great, which I thought didn't make a difference either way. The writing and the story dragged me in completely and I would have got lost in the book no matter who it was written about.

I loved Sophie as a character, she was strong to begin with but as the book went on that strength only grew and she was on her way to becoming a formidable woman. The growth made sense because of the events that happened but it also kind of had to because of the fact that (being historical fiction) you kind of know where it is going.

I'm not even sure how best to describe the love story in Queen of Someday. Maybe the first thing to say is that though the book is YA, I think it is definitely mature YA. Though there is no sex on page there are some rather heated moments between a couple of the characters, and Sophie does think about it, in my eyes that makes it for a more mature audience, but also made the book better. There were several love interests, though Peter was dismissed pretty quickly I think. Other than that there was Alexandar and Sergei. Alexandar was probably the tragic part of the love story, whereas Sergei was the steady and kind of overlooked part (though that did change fairly dramatically).

I liked the fact that it wasn't just the main character, Sophie, who was a strong female character, but in their own ways several of the others were. Even Rina who had to face Sophie after what happened held some kind of strength. Sophie's mother, though dislikable, was a woman with drive and ambition who wasn't afraid to do things to get there, again making her strong. And then there was the Empress. This was a character that I liked at first but then slowly began to dislike and distrust, especially when she showed her true colours. But again, this showed that she was a strong character, who could get things done and didn't have any quarms doing them.

I really, really enjoyed Queen of Someday. I hope there's more from the series!