Friday, 7 November 2014

Book: One Funeral by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

I received a copy of One Funeral from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Having decided to take things as slowly as she needs, Cade and Hannah have still shared scorching kisses, and Hannah can't wait for more. In between dinners with Cade and his friends, working for Invitation Only and her cupcake business, Hannah finds that she and Cade are becoming used to each others company, and has no problem with that. Visiting a therapist, she explores the problems that she has in life, including why she clammed up on their first date, Hannah starts to realise that nothing is actually holding her back, and she lets things progress at a steady pace...

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I have no idea how to even start this review and get across the awesomeness of this book. Yep I just used awesomeness. I knew I'd be reading One Funeral fairly soon because of how much I loved No Weddings, though I didn't expect it to be only a couple of days until I cracked. But I am glad that I did, One Funeral was just as good and I can feel myself falling hook, line and sinker for the series.

At first I was thinking that I wanted a man like Cade, sweet, sexy, patient, loving, but then I decided it would be much easier to just want to be Hannah, she has a successful business (much like the one I want to own one day!) and has a great man...why not be her! That's how much the characters have drawn me into their world, ok they're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that is what makes them so real to me and the book so enjoyable.

I loved the pace of Hannah and Cade's relationship. They didn't jump into bed (though their chemistry was off the charts) and they spent their time together as friends, but Cade was sweet and attentive and they both did little things for each other that really helped their relationship grow. I felt I could believe it, and when they did finally come together properly it felt right, for the characters and the story.

The flirting between Cade and Hannah was also great, in the first book there were a lot of one liners, particularly from Hannah, and these carried on, some of which were both funny and flirty, and their exchanges had me smiling, and sometimes laughing, at the pair of them. Some of their text exchanges were particularly flirty as well, and I could almost hear the tone in which thye meant to sound, and that is something that I think takes skill.

I also really loved the fact that the pair of them had in jokes, both the burlap sack and the elipses (for anyone that doesn't know that is the three little dots ... ). The jokes gave another level and support to their friendship and made them seem like a normal couple (as in actually they're a bit weird) and I loved that!

One Funeral (the funeral in which was not what I expected at all!) also had a focus on Hannah making friends, which she'd found difficult before, and saw her bonding with one of Cade's three sisters, Kiki, which has added another interesting dimension to the story.

I can't wait to read Two Barmitzvahs (hope I've spelt that right) and something tells me it won't be that long until I cave again!