Thursday, 13 November 2014

Book: One Condition by Nova Raines

I received a copy of One Condition in exchange for my review.

Hayley Wade has a problem...her father's inheritance comes with a condition; she has to steal back a family heirloom. Problem is, she has no idea how to go about doing it. Then along comes Kaiden Stone. Hayley has no idea who he is when he saves her from the paparazzi, but she knows that she's attracted to him. As much as she denies liking Kaiden to her friends, there's something between them that can't be denied. So long as his ex-girlfriend doesn't get her way that is...

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I haven't read all that many books that focus on the celebrity life style (in fact the only one I can really think of is Stand Close by Sabrina Lacey) so One Condition was already different to anything I've ever read. This isn't just the billionaire lifestyle, its the being in the public eye, dressing to impress and constantly being aware of what you are doing...or in Hayley's case, realising she probably should think about it.

I liked the way that Hayley was dealing with fame. She'd been in the spotlight since she was born because of her parents, and then talked about how much she hated it. Yet everytime she was in the spotlight she found herself loving it. I didn't feel this was a contradiction simply because of the way that the author wrote it. Instead there was a very definite growth in how Hayley was taking it, and she admitted to herself that she could find it addictive.

At the same time, there was definitely a feeling that Hayley was a very real and down to earth person, particularly compared to her friends (whose actions actually had me cringing at some points because they came across as so money grabbing. I definitely liked the fact that Hayley seemed to have more to her, and I hope that that stays a part of her.

The chemistry between Hayley and Kaiden was great. Though they never actually had sex it still seemed to manage to sizzle, and I thought that the way that the author captured that was great. Neither of the characters was perfect, and I think that that is a good thing, but I'm still excited to see where their stories go and what they mean to each other.

Definitely looking forward to reading more from the Lust List.