Saturday, 1 November 2014

Book: Merry in Love by Nadia Lee

I recieved a copy of Merry in Love in exchange for my review.

Meredith Lloyd hasn't been with a man in 10 years. The same amount of time since she had her son, Eric. Watching her brothers fall in love was hard, but Merry has other things to think about, like cleaning up the mess that her older brother Jacob made and proving to everyone that she isn't just a decoration. When Daniel Alyster turns up, demanding to know why the Lloyds Development is doing so badly on his resort, Merry has to face the past, and the events that happened after the death of her best friend, and Daniel's sister, Judy. The events following Judy's death left Daniel scarred, and unwilling to trust easily. But then he reencounters Merry, and despite all his misgivings, she smashes through his defenses and leaves his heart open for the taking.

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Well it's safe to say that a lot of that story took me by surprise! I'm still not totally over the shock! One of the main mysteries going into Merry in Love was that of Eric's parentage. Meredith had never revealed anything, and her brothers hadn't found anything, despite trying. So when the reveal actually came it was a massive shock. Of all the possibilities that wasn't one I had considered.

Now I end up in a bit of a situation though, because a lot of the later plot and the political (business political) manouvering happened because of the main plot point mentioned above, which I don't want to spoil. But basically it all fit well together and had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how they would all work it out.

The relationship between Merry and Daniel was explosive. There was a lot of passion, and it seems a lot of emotion, that was coming from both of them, and while Merry revealed Daniel's softer side, it's safe to say that Daniel revealed a side to Merry that no one expected, a more passionate (and slightly devious) side. I liked seeing it, I thought it made her character very human.

I loved the way that the book showed Meredith's friendship with Natalie and Kerri, they all seemed to have grown close, though when they talked it wasn't just about men, and it wasn't just about inconsequencial stuff, rather they talked about business, and family, and it really did feel like a real friendship.

I'm sad the series is over, but definitely looking forward to reading more of Nadia's characters!