Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Book: A Delightful Arrangement by Cecilia Gray

I received a copy of A Delightful Arrangement from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Francessca Warrington has always dreamt of love, of a season and of swooning, but all that is dashed to pieces when it is revealed that she's already engaged to her neighbour, and her best friend; Philip. Philip has always known that he was going to marry Francessca, and has made sure he's never fallen in love with another woman, but when she discovers the arrangement she isn't happy, and he makes her a promise; if she falls in love with anyone else then he'll call off the wedding. But he's starting to see her in another light, and all he wants now is for her to love him as much as he loves her.

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A Delightful Arrangement is a short and sweet Regency Romance, there's no doubt how it will end and it doesn't take long to get there, and sometimes that is just what you need (and in this case it definitely was). What attracted me to this book at first was the cover (and the covers of the other books in the series, which I hope to be reading soon), there was just something about it that I liked, probably the fact that it isn't a Regency book with an undressing woman on the front!

Philip and Francessca had a prexisting relationship as friends, and I think that that helped due to the short nature of the book, and as such the love story was a very gradual thing, and not insta-love, though there was a bit of a sudden 'oh wait' moment when they realised they were attracted to each other. Basically its a Regency getting out of the friend zone story.

Normally I find that I connect more to the female character in the story, but in this case I actually felt far more of a connection to Philip, he felt like the more rounded character, and he was in fact very selfless in his actions towards Francessca. Maybe he wasn't all grand romantic gestures, but he was charming, protective and forward thinking.

As a short read I loved this, though if you're looking for a story that surprises you this isn't the way to go.