Sunday, 16 November 2014

Book: Christmas Hearts by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Christmas Hearts in exchange for my review.

Happily married and waiting for their son to arrive, Brendan and Annie are preparing for Christmas, including buying their first tree. With Annie still determined to work, despite the fact that she's overdue, Brendan goes into protective overdrive and when Annie is followed home from work one night, he gets even worse. Tommy's been in jail since his arrest, and hates it, having sold out his family and been given a life sentance, it seems like he's stuck for life...until his cousin finds a way to get him out. With Tommy on the loose, things suddenly seem to be hotting up for everyone, and when Brendan's worst fears are nearly realised, it could mean disaster for everyone.

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Hearts is one of the series that I fell in love with, the characters, the settings and the stories just all sold it to my excitement when Christmas Hearts was announced was so great that I read it in a few hours! As with the rest of the Hearts series, the book was captivating and the characters engaging. Though there were also a few surprises in stall.

In several of my other reviews of the Hearts series (check them out via the Contemporary tab) one thing that I found Sabrina Lacey manages to do is redeem characters. At first it was Rebecca, though she was just bitchy rather than anything else, but in this book she somehow made it so that I didn't dislike Tommy so much, despite the fact that he shot Brendan in one of the previous books and wasn't all too well behaved in this one either. The fact she redeemed him believably as well just shows the power of the writing.

It was good to have a catch up with the characters as well, particularly to find out how Annie's bar was doing, as well as Brendan and Annie's little one, though they were still waiting for him to put in an appearance as well! I liked the way that Annie had insecurities about being pregnant, and that her and Brendan disagreed on things, but then they figured it out together, it made them feel much more like a real character.

There was also a look in on Mark and Nicole, who turned up to support Brendan (because that is what awesome friends do!) and without giving too much away that was exciting for them!

The ending was definitely surprising. I didn't expect Brendan or Tommy to act the way that they did, and yet when they carried out the actions that surprised me it seemed like a natural thing, a natural progression and right for the story. And I am glad for the way it turned out, though very surprised with Rebecca!

I'm eager to find out what Sabrina Lacey has up her sleave next...I'm yet to read anything of hers that I haven't loved after all!