Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Book: At Star's End by Anna Hackett

I received a copy of At Star's End from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Eos has a life goal; to find the Mona Lisa, but when the Institute won't back an expedition, and they force her on leave, she has to resort to less legal means, and ends up enlisting the help of the Phoenix brothers, the best treasure hunters in the galaxy. What Eos didn't expect was the attraction she'd feel for the middle brother, Dathan. Despite the fact that the past haunts both of them, they seem to want each other, though each protects their heart by not saying anything, though as they come closer to the mysterious and lost Star's End, things start to hot up.

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At Star's End dragged me right in, there was mystery, romance and adventure all tied up in a future culture that was well thought out and well built. Probably because Eos was an astro-archeologist, there was plenty of world building about the past, as well as comments about the people around her in the present. I also really liked the idea of mehndi (a bit like henna patterns I think) that Eos' people were born with, and I think that Dathan's fascination with them was definitely understandable!

I really liked Eos as a character, she was strong but feminine and had a sort of innocence about her that wasn't grating or made a big deal of. Up unitl At Star's End she was kind of a good girl, and throughout the book she was introduced to a lot more adventure, and discovered that she liked it. She was a strong woman from the beginning, but she became so much more through the book.

Dathan I also really liked. He didn't change throughout the book so much as soften. What I mean is that at the beginning he was just a treasure hunter, which Eos felt a bit of disdain for, and so he came across like that, but throughout the book he'd do things and say thaings that made it clear that he really wasn't heartless or callous, and really he did care.

The chemistry between the two characters worked great. And I absolutely loved the fact that they got angry with each other at times, I thought that it really added to the tension between them in a good way. They also weren't shy about admitting that they wanted each other, even if they were a bit slow on acting upon it. 'I love you' did come up but it was in the right place and didn't feel forced.

I loved every minute of this book, it was fun, engaging, exciting and passionate, I can't wait to read more!