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Blog Tour: The Hunt for Snow by S E Babin

I received a copy of The Hunt for Snow in exchange for my review.

Having been forced from her home ten years ago, Snow White has been settled on Earth with her best friends, Belle and Cyndi. There's one thing about her getting chased out of her Kingdom that's never quite left her though; the Huntsman. Though he is under a compulsion to do what the Evil Queen, Naomi, wants, his feelings for Snow always manage to stop him from doing the worst, or so he hopes. But Max fears that one day he won't be able to fight anymore and he'll hurt the woman he most wants to keep away. With the help of her two best friends, alongside Robin Hood and Malificent, Snow plots to take back her Kingdom from Naomi's hands, though things don't always run smoothly in these fairy tales...

I'm trying to think of the best way to describe what The Hunt for Snow was like...the best I can think of was across between Once Upon a Time (the TV show) and traditional fairy tales. The characters in this book were kick ass (imagine Snow White with guns and Belle with techomagic powers, oh not to mention Cinderella as the fairy godmother...well ish) as well as the drama of relationships (none of them are normal it seems!) and action of taking back the throne. I didn't want the book to end.

So romance...there's three main romantic plots (to go along with the three main female characters) though I won't really talk about Cinderella's because I think that gives too much away (I will however say that I found it surprising). Then there was Belle and Robin Hood, though that was more the looks across the room kind of romance where they clearly really like each other but don't seem to do something about it. Finally there was Snow and Max (the Huntsman) complicated by the fact he's under a compulsion to kill her, but also by the fact they can barely resist each other. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out more about how the relationships are working.

I was really intrigued by Malificent's involvement too. Though traditionally a bad guy, it seemed more like she was misunderstood in The Hunt for Snow, and in fact Snow outright said that she liked her. That makes me wonder what her background is, and what part Sleeping Beauty plays (though she was only mentioned once and didn't make an appearance...Aurora that is not Malificent). It has me intrigued and I definitely liked it.

And I definitely liked that the Princesses (well only Snow was a real Princess) weren't pathetic and waiting to be rescued (well other than Rapunzel who the others seemed to really dislike, partly because she couldn't work out how to get out of a tower) and it was common knowledge that the women of the Enchanted Forest could hold their own.

The Hunt for Snow was an enjoyable and different fairy tale retelling, though I'm gutted it ended where it did and hopefully there will be more!

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Fairytales with a twist! Snow has successfully avoided her past for years … until now. With an evil queen bent on her destruction and a hunter bent on her seduction, she has no choice but to run. Who will find her first? S.E. Babin presents The Hunt for Snow, Book 1 of her exciting, new fantasy series, Fairytale League. Every ten years a convention is held in a neutral location where people from all the realms come together and reunite. This is no ordinary conference, though, because everyone who shows up holds a place of honor in the legends of old. But there’s one person who doesn’t care that Earth is neutral territory. The Evil Queen, Naomi, is out to settle a score, and she’s brought along one of her most talented henchman to teach the one who got away a harsh lesson. Snow’s past is shrouded in mystery. Mild cryptozoologist by day, private investigator by night, Snow is dead set on one thing — staying far away from the Huntsman who haunts her dreams. When she shows up to the conference with her two best friends in tow, things start going awry right away. Mere minutes after arriving, they find themselves thrust back into the world they’ve tried so hard to avoid. Now, along with the help of her friends, Snow is struggling to stay one step ahead of the queen who wants to destroy her — and the Huntsman who wants to possess her at all costs. The hunt for Snow is on. But who will find her first?
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S.E. Babin S.E. Babin has a passion for writing books with a paranormal twist. Whether it's romance or mystery, she loves turning the norm into the extraordinary. Her early love of reading turned into a curious exploration to see whether or not she could write her own novel. This resulted in her spending way too much time in the library, killing any chance of her becoming a cheerleader or anything even remotely cool. She lives in Texas with her family and a passive aggressive dachshund.
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