Friday, 3 October 2014

Book: Trust by Viola Rivard

I received a copy of Trust in exchange for my review.

Taylor is on the run from the FBI, who think that she is responsible for murder, while making her way to Mexico Taylor sees Alder, man who seems better than even her wildest fantasies. Whether he realises it or not, Alder quickly becomes intrigued and protective of Taylor, not wanting her to get hurt or caught. Taking her to where his wolf pack lives is the only option that he can see, but before they get there they both have to learn to trust each other.

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Well that has me intrigued. Trust was a complete story in itself, but I can definitely see how there is more to the story arc, and I think that the way in which Trust is written and ends really does make you want to read more of the story.

Taylor is a fairly complicated character, or at least there are hints that she is. Though the FBI are after her for murder I thought that the book made it clear that there was more to that story, though exactly what that story is hasn't been revealed yet. Instead there are hints about Taylor being responsible but not guilty, which again has me intrigued.

Alder on the other hand seemed fairly straight forward as a character, he saw what he wanted and he went after it, no matter the obstacles in his path, this applied up until the point that his twin brother Hale walked in anyway, then there seemed to be a greater depth. I thought that Alder's lack of knowledge about the human world was endearing and definitely made the wolves' den a more isolated place.

I loved the fact that the reason for the title of the book was actually a part of the story, in this case Alder and Taylor's conversation about not lying and then they could trust one another. So often I struggle to work out why books are called what they're called, but with this book it is easy to work out!

I enjoyed Trust and I'm intrigued as to where the story is going.