Friday, 17 October 2014

Book: Stand Close 3 by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Stand Close 3 in exchange for my review.

All Jack wanted was for Rue to go away and leave him and his brother alone. But once he's pushed her too far he realises that maybe he wasn't after the right thing at all. Walking away hurts Rue, she has to leave behind the brothers that she's just coming to love as well as the man of her dreams, but she knows that it is for the best. But when she hears news of an accident, one that could leave her truly without her brothers, she is devastated, and she realises that maybe she isn't ready to let them go yet...

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No!!! I don't want it to be over! As with Sabrina Lacey's other books I found that the characters really got under my skin. I wanted them to be happy, and more importantly I wanted them to get along (even if that wasn't always going to be possible). There were actually very few characters in Stand Close, and that worked for me, I thought that it gave them all enough time to become three dimensional characters and their relationships to really blossom.

There wasn't actually much time in Stand Close that was dedicated to Alec and Rue as a couple, though it was made very clear that they both wanted it (especially after the events of the previous book) and there was still something between them. It was also made clear by Alec's reaction to Jack pushing Rue over the edge. When they were together it was sweet and in some ways, painful. Though the ending more than made up for that and that part of the story did feel necessary.

There was also a bit more of an exploration of the relationship between Sean and Jack, while Jack got a bit more serious depth (particularly surrounding the events of his car crash before the books began), Sean seemed very quiet this book. But when the brothers got talking the relationship, and the love between them became clear.

I loved this series, though there was very little doubt that I would, but really do want to see more from the characters!