Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Book: Stand Close 2 by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Stand Close 2 in exchange for my review.

Having just come into money, Rue and her best friend Jenna have flown to New York. Little realising the stir she is going to cause, Rue just wants to have fun. Until her rescue party turns up. With her rivalry with Jack at an all time high, the only thing that affects her more is the attraction that she feels for their friend, Alec, and despite her brother, Sean's warning, she just wants to get closer to him. Alec himself can't help the draw that he feels to Rue, there's something about her that appeals to him and he can't hide from that. But both of Rue's brothers want something from him, Jack wants him to break Rue's heart and Sean wants him to stay away. Whatever the case, Rue's changing and it isn't necessarily going to be for the better.

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Just as a warning...this is a Sabrina Lacey book...it is likely to end up with me talking about loving the book to an insane length (but really I can't be blamed, it was an amazing read, just like Stand Close 1 and the res of Sabrina Lacey's books).

As with the link between the I Love My... and Hearts series I loved the fact that Stand Close had a link to, though it was small, Rue ran into Nicole, Amber and Jess (I Love My...) while in New York. You don't have to have read the other books to enjoy this book but I liked the reference.

Getting a taste of Rue in the first book, this book really solidifies her as a character, as well as adding to the other characters around her. What I found interesting was that as the same time as making Rue a more solid character there was still a sense that she was changing as a person, and becoming a little bit corrupted by  the money she inherited, though I do also have the opinion that the change might only be temporary, at least I hope she realises what she's doing!

The relationship between Rue and Alec became more central in this book. Whereas in the previous book it was just looks, and one close call against a wall, this book had far more of them in it. The air really seemed to sizzle with the attraction between them, to the point where it was a relief when they finally found each other in private.

It was definitely interesting to see how Alec's character changed, going from a bit of a playboy to someone who actually gets kind of sweet. On top of that there was the jealousy that he felt, which definitely made him seem more human, and made more of a connection with Rue.

The relationships between Rue and her brothers have also developed, though not necessarily in a good way. With Jack the rivalry just keeps growing, which is ironic considering that Jack doesn't want to be siblings when they fight in that way (having 3 brothers and a sister myself I can say they are definitely acting the part). With Sean it seems more complicated, it is difficult to tell whether he's just stressed or if his budding relationship with Rue is actually strained.

I'm excited for Stand Close 3, though at the same time I don't want the story to end! Seems like a common theme when I read Sabrina Lacey's books!