Monday, 6 October 2014

Book: Stand Close 1 by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Stand Close 1 in exchange for my review. 

Rue has it all figured out, she'll carry on working at the supermarket while she carries on her dream to become a dancer. That is until one phone call changes her life. Suddenly Rue has gained an inheritance that throws her from a nobody to a celebrity over night, as well as gaining her two brothers, Sean and Jack. While Sean recognises that she is in fact genuine, Jack is determined to prove that she's just money grabbing and takes an instant dislike to her, so much so that he wants his best friend, and rockstar, Alec to break Rue's heart and get her out of his life. When Alec and Rue meet its like something has changed for both of them, something that starts with physical attraction, but being protective of his younger sister already, Sean is determined to protect her from his friend. 

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I knew that I'd enjoy Stand Close 1 and I did get very excited when I saw the email that had come into my inbox. Everything I've read of Sabrina Lacey's so far I've enjoyed massively, and this book was no different. In fact I loved this book, it was different from the others that I've read, particularly because the relationships being explored are sibling relationships (though I do get the idea that this is going to change now that Rue and Alec have met!) which has added a very different dynamic to the story. 

I'm very intrigued as to where the relationship between Jack and Rue is going. On some level they actually seem to find each other attractive (well until they remember they're related) which actually I think would be a pretty normal reaction to meeting someone that you never knew was your sibling, after all if you haven't grown up together then you're bound to feel a little confused about what you're supposed to feel towards them. (Not saying they should get together or anything, but I think its reasonable to be confused). There is also a lot of hate coming off Jack and I'm wondering how that will progress, mainly because Rue does seem to be a genuine character. 

The relationship between Sean and Rue is in complete contrast to that. Sean has taken on the role of big brother without much thought, it just seems to come naturally. Though this could be different because Sean is (secretly) gay, I get the feeling that he is the calmer of the two brothers anyway. In a way he actually reminded me of one of my brothers (though they're all younger) in the way that he got quite fiercely protective of Rue, which was good to see. Though with the signals bouncing off both Rue and Alec, I think his warning may be ignored. 

There was also friendships that play a role in Stand Close, though they've only just been introduced I do feel that they're going to play an important role going forward. Alec's relationship with Sean and Jack has only really been hinted at, though he seems closer to Jack, close enough to do his dirty work anyway. Then there is the relationship between Rue and her best friend, Jenna. Jenna seemed to be a lot like Rue, down to earth and there for her friend if there was a problem. 

I'm looking forward to reading more about all of the characters, it's definitely safe to say that Sabrina Lacey has done it again, and produced another great series that I can really see myself getting into!