Friday, 31 October 2014

Book: Riding Steele by Opal Carew

I received serial installements (1-6) of Riding Steele from Netgalley in exchange for my review. My review is for the novel as a whole.

Laurie is stuck in a relationship that she wants out of, but Donovan doesn't want to let her go, instead he wants her to do everything that he says. When their friend jokingly asks Steele's bike crew to kidnap his sister (Laurie) Steele refuses, but when Wild Card sees Donovan ignoring Laurie's no he kidnaps her anyway. It takes Laurie time to come to terms with the fact that she's being held by the bike crew, even if they're doing it for her own good. But Donovan will stop at nothing to get Laurie back, so that he can teach her lesson, but equally Steele will stop at nothing to get Laurie back.

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I read the serial episodes that make up Riding Steele (list at the bottom) back to back, mainly because I'm too impatient to wait, and I felt that they worked well as an overall story, meaning that I'm not sure how well I would have coped if I'd had to wait between episodes! I did get a few surprises along the way though.

The first few episodes were of a less 'serious' nature, despite Laurie being kidnapped (well kind of) there was a lot of comaraderie between the characters and there was some serious heat when it came to the various sex scenes, though I didn't think that they overpowered the story which I was wary of at first. It was the way that the later three episodes went that surprised me.

Things got far more serious from the end of the fourth episode onwards and actually got kind of dark. There had been a theme of domestic abuse throughout the series, some of which was quite difficult for me to read, and I suspect it would be for other people too, though it definitely cranked up a notch when it became the events and not just memories (this mostly happened in episode 5).

Steele was a bit of a classic alpha male character, the leader of his group, more dominant in the bedroom and possessive, he did also have a very protective and nuturing side which counteracted that a little bit which made his character much more likeable. His view of his relationship with Laurie also softened a lot of his harsher points.

I enjoyed reading Riding Steele, though some of the issues raised in the story were quite difficult to read about.

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Episode 3: Collide (released 11th November)
Episode 4: Wanted (released 18th November)
Episode 5: Crossroads (released 25th November)
Episode 6: Aftershock (released 2nd December)