Friday, 10 October 2014

Book: Hook's Pan by Marie Hall

Hook's Pan is book 5 of the Kingdom series.

Trishelle has always struggled on the anniversary of her sister's death, not that she'll ever let the world know that. With her best friend, Betty, now doing a bit of a disappearing act with her new husband, Gerard, Trishelle feels as lonely as ever. Though when Betty and Gerard try to warn her that she is about to be whisked off to Kingdom to meet the infamous Captain James Hook, she doesn't believe them. Until she ends up in Hook's cabin dressed as Peter Pan that is...Trishelle is instantly attracted to Hook, though much to her surprise he doesn't take advantage of that fact, instead he acts much more like a gentleman than she expected. Even so, three days to fall in love, Trishelle doubts it.

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I think that Hook is by far one of the best villains...and maybe I am just saying that because of how much I liked what they did with him in Once Upon a Time, but even so! There's always been the mystery of his past and not quite really knowing why he actually hates Peter Pan (who I've never really seen as the perfect little boy, there's just something annoying about him).

So basically I loved what Marie Hall did with the character. She could have made him a 'classic' pirate but instead she made him into a gentleman, and he was really sweet with Trishelle, which made him very likable as a character. Actually to some extent in Hook's Pan I didn't really get the idea that he was a villain at all, more just a pirate who has a (somewhat valid) vendetta against a boy (or as Hook himself described Peter Pan, a man in a boy's body).

I thought the way in which Pan and Tinkerbell were portrayed was also interesting, particularly Tinkerbell, who no matter what version of the story has always had a naughty streak, this just took it one step further and made the streak slightly malicious though also a bit helpless. Actually I kind of want to know more about Marie Hall's Tink, I think there is so much more to her than most.

The romance between Hook and Trishelle was interesting. Though the events only take place over three days there was a real sense of a good progression to their relationship. At first they were attracted to each other but didn't act on it and then slowly they began to trust each other and open up. I loved the fact that they were nervous of each other and it went slowly (well relatively). Plus they had crazy chemistry.

I think Hook's Pan is my favourite Kingdom story so far. And I am certainly interested to see where the second half of the series is going, particularly now the Bad Five are all loved up.