Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Book: Eternal Nights by V S Nelson

I received a copy of Eternal Nights in exchange for my review.

Raphael has been having dreams of a beautiful woman, little realising that her consciousness is trapped inside Nowaki, a wolf companion who seems to have taken a liking to him. Raphael has other things to worry about though, including the pace at which Set's Legion seems to be recruiting. With a turncoat on side and now in love with another Immortal, Allison, things seem to be going well for the Guardians, though sometimes events have a way of leading them astray, and with the arrival of several lifemates and one mysterious woman at the compound, things are about to be turned on their head...

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I don't think I've ever read a book that combines so many areas of mythology and legend before. The way in which the history of the Immortal Guardians, as well as the existence of other paranormal beings, was weaved together worked to create a believable universe that kept me hooked. One thing that I couldn't quite work out though was about whether the existence of the Immortals themselves was well known or not; though it is mentioned several times that other species weren't known to exist originally, it is never quite clear if the general human population knows about the existence of Guardians.

There were a lot of characters in the book, and several of them seemed to be quite minor, including some of the ancients, though there did still seem to be a fair few 'main' characters as well. I thought it worked well considering the speed at which the plot went forward, and you got to see several opinions of what was going on. Because of the large number of characters, there were several romances going on.

Right from the start of the book Raphael was clearly infatuated with the girl from his dreams (who the reader knew was real even if he didn't) which made the love story between Jessica and Raphael quite complex, especially considering she was inside a wolf. Though Raphael took some adjusting to that fact, the way that he came to terms with it worked well.

It was clear that in the previous book Gabriel and Jennifer got together, and their path through married life played a large part in the story. I thought it was interesting to find out about a couple that have passed the 'falling' stage of love and have settled into it, so often that part is skipped from books. On the other end of the scale there were a couple of budding romances (less major than Raphael's love story) and I thought they were also interesting to read.

I really enjoyed Eternal Nights and I do look forward to reading the other books in the series.