Friday, 10 October 2014

Book: Danika's Surprise by Marie Hall

Danika's Surprise is book 5.5 of the Kingdom series.

Having taken Trishelle back to Hook, Danika has to rush off in response to Alice's screams. Coming upon Hatter and Alice in a garden with Alice in great pain giving birth, Danika does what she can to help her. Once the child is born each of the fairies bless her in some way, until it gets to Danika's turn, but before she can the moon touches the baby, cursing her. Danika does what she can to save the little girl from the curse but even so, she worries that the child will still suffer...

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Danika's Surprise is a short story that links the two parts of the Kingdom series (aka the bit between the Bad Five and their daughters). Looking at it this way the story covers all the bases, making sure that the background to The Huntsman's Prey is well set, including why exactly Alice and Hatter's daughter, Chrysa, isn't just a lovely girl.

I think that also it shows a lot about Danika...particularly her crafty side, which is sad in some ways because she shouldn't be hiding things like that from her boys, but as she thought it was the right thing to do it was a bit of a difficult one.

As I mentioned, this is only short (hence the short review) and I don't think you'd have to read it to understand what comes next, but it certainly helps a bit! I'm looking forward to setting off on the next part of the Kingdom series!