Sunday, 12 October 2014

Book: Covert Kissing by Laura Pauling

I received a copy of Covert Kissing in exchange for my review.

After Zeke's scorching kiss the night of prom, all Cassidy can think about is when she's going to get another one. But with her old crush, Michael, and her partner in crime, Jasper, acting strange that doesn't seem all that possible, particularly now that Zeke is acting strange around her. Though she has a rocky start at her new job, Cassidy becomes good friends with Trixie, her boss, and introduces her to her twin, Carter. With everything gearing up for college in the fall, Cassidy needs to get a hold of her life, which includes her relationship with Zeke...

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I love Cassidy as a character, she's so normal. She's not the popular kid but neither do people particularly dislike her (well other than Jasper) and she tries hard to fit in. I think that for a lot of people that is relateable, particularly when she is unsure about boys and her job sucks.

Zeke was so sweet with Cassidy at times though. Not all the time, because sometimes he was moody and a pain in the arse, especially when Cassidy didn't know what was wrong with him. But when the two of them were out on dates he would do and say things that were so sweet and ultimately made me wish I had a romance like that at 18.

I thought that Pauling captured the tentative moments between a new and young couple perfectly. The anticipation of the kiss, and that moment before it. I thought it just worked. I really felt that the two of them should be together and that their relationship was just starting. Plus because this is YA there was no ripping clothes off, though there was still good chemistry between the leads.

I was glad to see that Cassidy made a friend. Up until this point her friend has mainly been her cousin, Jules, and there was something about her that just didn't make her quite right with Cassidy. So her budding friendship with Trixie was welcome and grew at a good pace.

I loved this book, a good sequel to Prom Impossible and it felt like the characters fit well with the age they were supposed to be.