Saturday, 11 October 2014

Book: The Charleston by Georgia Hill

I received a copy of The Charleston, book 3 of Say it with Sequins, in exchange for my review.

When a contestant drops out of Who Dares Dance? Merry's aunt puts her name forward as an emerging actress and comedienne. Partnered with Daniel Cunningham, Merry recognises his attraction, but also that he is still pinning over past contestant Julia (despite the fact that she is engaged to Harri, another former contestant who happens to be competing again). Daniel and Merry hit it off straight away, a combination of their personalities working together as friends and the underlying attraction between them. But at Julia and Harri's wedding that attraction is acted upon, changing both Daniel and Merry's view of each other. Question is, after the show, can they manage to work out what they want?

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I can't believe that the Say it with Sequins series is over. It is one of those that I wouldn't automatically think of if you asked me to think of an awesome series, but with each of the books I've found that I've had fun reading. The glitz and glamour of the world of dancing competitions is at the forefront of the books, and The Charleston was no different.

The best bit about this book though was how easy I found it to believe the budding romance between Merry and Daniel. It seemed to be based on far more than just attraction, and as the story progressed it was made clearer and clearer that they gelled together as friends, and that romantically they worked too. Though I did want to bang their heads together for not realising that the other liked them the same way.

There was also a sense of 'FINALLY' for Daniel too. In the first book he fell in love (or he thought he did) with Julia, and watched her fall for Harri, and in the second book he helped Max and Lucy get together, so there was a real sense that Daniel was always left behind. This book was definitely Daniel's chance. He's developed as a character over the course of the three books and I've found him more likable as the series progressed, the sarcophagus incident just solidified it for me.  

The sense of competition was there in this book, though not so much descriptions of the dances. What was described was the 'twist' that the producers liked to pull on the contestants, this time round it was facing a fear, which seemed very vindictive of the producers actually. But it did add to the story and helped the reader see just how much Daniel and Merry trusted and cared for one another.

I'm actually sad that there won't be more from the glittering world of Who Dares Dance? I thought that the characters, the story and the settings all really grabbed my attention and that all three books were fun reads!