Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Book: Capturing Cora by Madelynne

I received a copy of Capturing Cora from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Bran and Cora have grown up together, though now that it is Cora's Season things have changed slightly. Cora has made a bet with her friends, the first one of them to get a genuine proposal wins a gift from each of them. Bran, always being a fan of big gestures, thinks that he can win Cora's heart by expressing his own and winning her the contest. Cora is shocked by Bran's flamboyant proposal and wants to believe that he is genuine but just can't. Bran then sets out to prove himself and ends up using methods that he hadn't actually considered before, and are only possible because of Cora's penchant for doing things she isn't supposed to.

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Capturing Cora is a quick read, and enjoyed as such it is great. Though as it is a short read not many of the characters are expanded on much and the setting is fairly basic. Though at the time of reading it was the kind of read that I was after, so in that respect it was perfect.

What I liked about Cora was that she wasn't a blushing woman who was scared of what came next. Instead she knew what she wanted and went to get things (well she went to get Bran). Though I liked this, in some ways it didn't fit so well with the era but it worked for the book.

Even though it was short and there wasn't much time to develop the characters I did feel that Bran and Cora had a history of affection (and fun) and that that had developed into love. There was also a good amount of chemistry between them which made their interactions have more weight.

I also liked the fact that the language used in the book wasn't old fashioned, but wasn't modern either which made it feel right to the era without being difficult to read. I like the way that this works in books and thought that it was good in this one.