Monday, 8 September 2014

Serial: Raven Episode 2 by Pauline Creeden

I received a copy of Chronicles of Steele: Raven Episode Two in exchange for my review.

With Captain Jack Grant hot on her tail, Raven knows that she has to remain aware and switched on in order to keep herself and Darius one step ahead. Keeping her wits about her she manages to make it to the woods, but has to except help from one of the previous Reapers, and one of the men who betrayed her father, Monroe. Jack Grant knows that following orders means that Raven has to die, and yet there is something about her that intrigues him, making him reluctant to follow through with that, particularly when forced to team up with an old Reaper, Jasper. While Jack battles with his morals, and Raven plans to get ahead, other forces are at work that may change it all completely.

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Well that wasn't the way that I saw that ending! The story here picked up shortly after the end of the first episode and was fast paced right up until the end. Knowing that one of Raven's end goals was going to the Woods Witch and what that would entail it shouldn't have surprised me how events went, but I was very glad that I was surprised.

I'm still excited to see where Jack and Raven are going to go. They seem to have a healthy respect for each other's abilities and they're intrigued by each other, which seems to have a lot of responsibilities for a future between them. And I also think that Jack and Raven would work far better than Raven and Gregory, who was who she'd intended to marry, simply because they're more equal.

I thought it was very interesting that Creeden actually managed to make a nine year old boy act like a nine year old boy. So many times in books of this, or similar genres, child characters act far older than they actually are. Instead, Darius acts his age and he acts scared, and that did a lot in terms of character development.

The setting and the background of the story have also been well developed in the book, with more history given to the Reapers, and even more interestingly a look into what happened to the two other surviving Reapers (basically the complete opposite of each other). I think that helped with the view of the world.

This serial is just getting more and more interesting. I'm definitely excited to see what happens in the next episode!