Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book: Yours to Uncover by Mel Teshco

I received a copy of Yours to Uncover in exchange for my review. 

Earth is no longer the haven that it was, and an elite selection of humans are making their way towards a new habitable planet called Solitare. Chief Rita Songworth knows that she is lucky to be on the ship but can't help the guilt she feels at leaving her parents behind. One person intrigues Rita more than any other, and that's one of the prisoners, Tristan. Tristan is an artist,  heralded as one of Earth's best, except that he was arrested for murdering his wife and child, a crime that he can't quite understand himself. The passion between the two of them but there are problems round every corner, including Rita's ex-lover, and direct superior, Lieutenant Zane, who seems to want Rita for no reason other than power. 

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If you're not too sure about diving into sci-fi then this is the book for you! Though there are some sci-fi elements, the space ship and the tech for a start, this book mostly concentrates on the other side of the story; the romance. Saying that the sci-fi and romance are interwoven so it doesn't feel clunky or anything. 

The romance between Tristan and Rita was strong. They already had a fascination with each other before the start of the book, but that worked especially with their growing connection.  There was the danger element to their relationship, particularly at the start when they were trying to keep their relationship secret from the rest of the world, mostly because of Tristan's prisoner status. 

I thought that it was interesting that despite being a 'whites' prisoner (so a dangerous one), Rita never thought that Tristan was dangerous,  in fact she always thought of him as the safer option. It was interesting to see that she trusted him and had a blind faith in him despite events. As a reader there was also a lot of things that made you feel that Tristan isn't the dangerous man that he supposedly is. 

Lieutenant Zane was a completely different story. He was a nasty piece of work through and through,  though it took Rita a fair while to realise that unfortunately. Once she did it was a matter of risking her career over a break up. But even I didn't quite see just how deep Zane's evilness went, and how tangled in the whole web he was.

One of the things introduced was the drug 'sexmeth' and quite frankly I find the idea of it chilling. Particularly because I can see that some people would probably try creating such a thing. I guess it was kind of like date rape but instead of just incapacitating the victim it makes them respond sexually. Thankfully there was no rape actually described in the book, but I still thought it was a chilling theme. 

I really enjoyed Yours to Uncover and am excited to read more from this series!