Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book: Yours to Desire by Denise Rossetti

I received a copy of Yours to Desire, book  of ES Siren, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Master Sergeant Con Madison is trying to figure out who is stealing from his stores, and one of his primes suspects is Doctor Lily Kwan, an elite who has made her way into the science labs of the ES Siren. Meeting Lily sends Con into a bit of a stir though, and despite his colleague's warning, he can't help but get involved personally. Lily has been working on the plants that they'll find once they reach Solitaire, but she's also working on a second project, to find a cure for the rape drug, sexmeth. Thinking she's cracked it she tests it, but the only thing that's causing problems is that the antidote seems to have no effect on how she reacts to Con Madison...

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Yours to Desire was a good and enjoyable book, but I didn't like it quite as much as I liked the other two. I can't quite pinpoint why that is though. But saying that it was still a good book and had a lot of elements that I like to read, particularly a strong female character.

Lily was certainly interesting. She wasn't considered classically beautiful, and she wasn't particularly well endowed, but she had brains and she had a personality and that went a long way for her. Personally I definitely liked the fact that she didn't have the whole package...makes me feel much less hopeless! To that point, even Con wasn't the perfect package. It was mentioned several times that he wasn't considered handsome (but neither was he considered ugly) so he wasn't quite the dashing hero that comes with most romances, which was a highly refreshing change!

As with the other two books, sexmeth and Andrew Zane played a part in this book. In fact the sexmeth played a bigger part than it had before because Lily was investigating it and its effects, as well as coming up with an antidote. That in itself was questionable because of the way that she was actually coming up with the sexmeth to study in the first place, and even now I can't help but think that there would have been a more legal way to come by it. It was interesting to have a character experience the effects of the drug without the panic like Lily did (because she knew she'd taken it and was alone when she did so) and to find out more about it.

Andrew Zane was quite possibly worse in this book than in either of the other two. He played a relatively minor role, but still made suggestive comments and came across with his more rapey undertones. I don't think he looked any worse in this book than the other two, but he already looked pretty bad. Interestingly this is the book in which the description of Zane actually stood out for me (physical description that is) and I can't really explain why.

I've really enjoyed these three books (all by different authors) and I really want to know more about the ES Siren (and her sister ships) as well as what happens on Solitaire...I really hope Momentum books will give us more!