Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book: Yours to Command by Shona Husk

I received a copy of Yours to Command, book 2 of ES Siren, from Netgalley in exchange for my review. 

Corporal Sienna Jade works in the medic bay of the men's prison on board the ES Siren and unlike most of her uniformed counterparts she isn't really there by choice. Back on earth she put her trust in Lieutenant Andrew Zane, commanding officer on the Siren, and came away from the experience with scars and a reputation as a trouble maker. Being the prison medic brings her into contact with Alex, a man sentanced because he stole water rations and for the first time since her disastrous night with Zane, Sienna feels attracted to a man. And the feeling is mutual. Though Sienna wants to act upon her desires she knows she can't do it without being fully in control. Is Alex willing to give her that?  And will she learn to trust him? 

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Wow. The first book was good but this one really drew me in. There was more background to the mission explored and there was more complexities to the characters.  There was also some exploration of the reasons behind the characters wanting to be a part of the ES Siren mission. One thing though...I have to admit to being curious about what's going on in the other two ships bound for Solitare too! 

As with the previous book, Andrew Zane acted as an antagonist though in a slightly different way. His sadistic side had already been set up by Rita in the previous book but was definitely expanded on in this one. Sienna had been a victim of his from before the journey,  and it was heavily hinted at that she is the reason he is on the ship in the first place. If I didn't like Zane before I definitely don't now. 

Sienna is an emotionally damaged character after being physically hurt by Zane (who she was in a relationship with at the time) and hasn't had any male contact since. I really felt her pain and her reluctance to let go and I thought that the trust between Alex and Sienna was hard won, even though it was a short book I did feel that the journey took time and it definitely didn't feel rushed. 

I loved reading the relationship between Alex and Sienna develop, though I think it was clear from the very beginning that it was never going to be about just scratching an itch, but still seeing that develop was enjoyable to read. It wasn't just the thoughts they were having about each other, but also the little things they did for each other, like Sienna bringing Alex fresh fruit because she knew he liked it. 

As in the last book, the date rape drug, sexmeth, played a part. It wasn't used on any of the main characters this time, but Sienna saw it from a medical point of view. The different effects on men and women were also mentioned which could lead to an interesting story arc for the next book. There's no shying away from what would really happen in this book either and sexmeth was mentioned as being used on male prisoners by other male prisoners.

The first book set the scene and this book added some more depth, I'm definitely interested to see what the next has to offer, though I'm sure it will be just as engaging!