Monday, 22 September 2014

Book: Unstoppable by Melody Grace

I received a copy of Unstoppable from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Tegan has been to hell and the back after the tragic events that led to the death of the man that she thought was the love of her life. Tegan decides that she's going to spend time at her brother Dex's beach house in Beachwood Bay, little expecting that the man she came across in Vegas by chance will be there. Ryland has wanted to get away from the life he was leading for a while, and one night when he wins big he thinks he can have it. Paying his debt he goes off to Beachwood Bay, finding Tegan there already. Both have a past, and both need to accept it, together they could be fantastic, if only they can get past the things set against them.

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Well that was certainly a dramatic read! From reading the previous two books in the series I already knew about Tegan's past with Connor, though there was no way of knowing exactly how it had affected Tegan. But Unstoppable wasn't about grief though, it was about healing, and how Ryland actually did far more good for Tegan than anyone or anything else had done in the past. I actually thought that the healing process really added something to the story.

The chemistry between Ryland and Tegan was most definitely there. And it was crazy. More than that, the chemistry between them was added to by the fact that they both denied it so much, for various reasons. This added to the drama and the tension between them but at some points I just wanted to bang their heads together.

There was also the introduction of Blake, one of the other Callahans, who has only been mentioned briefly before, and I think that there were a few hints about a possible romance for him and a friend of Tegan's, which I think could be interesting, particularly having seen both of their personalities.

It was also good to find out more about Brit, whereas in the previous book she was the woman marrying the person Alicia thought was the love of her life, in this book she took on a role of her own, as both a sister and to some extent a friend. I also can't help thinking that her job as a wedding dress designer might be important in the future.

Just like the other books in this series, Unstoppable was engaging and enjoyable. Worth a read for sure!