Saturday, 13 September 2014

Book: Sleeping with Beauty by Amos Cassidy

Sleeping with Beauty is the third book from Tales Beyond the Veil, a series of stand alone fairy tale novellas.

Silver has everything, as the daughter of the leaders of her clans leaders she's led a sheltered life, and now that she's engaged to Riven, from another clan, her life is only set to continue like that. Except for one thing. Riven refuses to have sex with her, leaving her frustrated and confused, but at night she is visited by someone in her dreams that shows her what true passion is. Overhearing something she shouldn't, Silver runs away and comes across an abandoned castle...or what she thinks is an abandoned castle, until she meets the man living there, a man cursed to never feel emotions unless his curse is over...

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This is definitely my favourite of the Tales Beyond the Veil series so far (and not just because the authors dedicated it to me! Though That was pretty awesome!). This has definitely added to the magic and wonder of the world that Amos Cassidy created was really apparent in this book, though it did just make me want more!

Rather than just the one fairy tale, there were parts of this book that captured elements of two. There are the parallels between Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty and I thought that the blending worked really well. Especially considering that Vice wasn't actually a hideous beast (though that did take a part as well). There was also the mystery of the sleeping potion all the way through that I really wanted to solve but couldn't until the end.

Though the story was complete, the ending made me want more form the characters and the world (just like with the previous book) and I'm really hoping that the authors have something great in store for them (and having read their books I'm sure that they will!)

The characters and the twist to the 'standard' plot were both great at drawing you in and keeping you engaged in the story. There aren't all that many characters in Sleeping with Beauty but that is a good thing as it allows Vice and Silver to become more developed, and in Vice's case that really is needed!

There's also a catch up with Red and Scarlett (from Riding Red in this book - the events take place 5 years later). And I always like it when old characters are brought back. This is a great series so far! Definitely worth a read, especially if you like fairy tale retellings with an adult edge.