Thursday, 25 September 2014

Book: Sinful Cravings by Annie Nicholas

I received a copy of Sinful Cravings from Netgalley in exchange for my review. 

Pia isn't your average succubus, she isn't able to just switch off her conscious and have one night stands, in fact she wants something that noone thinks is possible for a succubus or incubus...she wants love. And Pia is lucky to have it, in the form of Val, an old incubus, though she hasn't quite got the approval from his existing wives that she wants. With a lack of suitors meaning she isn't fully fed, and so meaning that Val, who can only feed from a succubus,  also goes hungry,  meaning that he gets dangerous,  particularly towards Pia. Plus Val's vials of energy, sent by his wives, seem to be disappearing, with a mystery to solve and an incubus to attempt to keep sane, not to mention a vampire with a quickly changing personality,  Pia has her work cut out. 

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Firstly I read this book without having read any of the other books in the series and I didn't feel that I was missing any major part of the story (though I do now want to read them!) Except in one respect which I'll talk about in a moment. I thought that the history behind the characters and the culture that they live in was explained in a way that means the first books aren't necessary and yet not feeling like it was a lecture. 

Now the one thing that I think would be different if I'd read the first book...I didn't like Val. Well that's not true, I just didn't actually like him for Pia and I don't really know why, there was just something about him that didn't click right in my head. Actually I thought that Sin, the vampire, was a better fit for her. Their relationship felt more natural and far more even in nature (they both got something from it). Plus when Pia was in trouble it was Sin she ran to.  Maybe its just me though!  

I really liked the way that the author set up the succubi and incubi culture, it was far more than just needing sex to survive, instead there were energy flows and rules about who could feed who. On top of that there was the culture rules about who could feed,  who could marry and what considered cheating.  The last one I thought was particularly clever considering that both succubi and incubui needed variety so it was necessary for them to be 'unfaithful'. Interestingly it wasn't being unfaithful unless it was outside of their feeding cycles. I think that is just one of the ways that shows how well thought out the lore was. 

There wasn't much action in Sinful Cravings though there were tense moments and suspense was created,  which did mean that the book carried on at a good pace. I could barely put the book down once I'd started reading.  Also there was at least one character that was mentioned but not seen on page (Cooper) which has me a bit intrigued about him. 

I've read books by Annie Nicholas before, and I definitely will be again, all of them that I've read so far have been engaging and enjoyable reads.