Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Book: The Sexy & The Undead by Charity Parkerson

I received a copy of The Sexy & The Undead in exchange for my review.

Its Valentines Day and Ella realises that once again she doesn't have a date...probably because of her pet zombie, Freddie. When she casts a spell for a perfect man it blows up in her face, and Samuel is drawn down from the heavens. Exactly the man that she'd wanted. Samuel knows that she's cast a spell, but that isn't what keeps him coming back for more of Ella, though she isn't too sure of that. But Samuel isn't sure what to make of Freddie, but Samuel's friend (and Pixie) Tam seems to have taken a shine to him.

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If you're looking for a short and fun read with a little bit of steam then this is a book for you! There was a limited cast, but what there was of them were explored well and felt like real people (well real people with magic powers).

There was a bit of a mystery in The Sexy & The Undead in working out the relationship between Ella and Freddie. I actually had it figured out a while before it was revealed and just wanted to call Samuel and idiot (but ten the story wouldn't have worked so well!). Though I would have liked to see more of Freddie after his curse was lifted (though this is only book 1 so there hopefully will be more Freddie!)

What was particularly interesting in the relationship between Samuel and Ella was how long their relationship took. Instead of rushing into it, or jumping into bed, they seemed to almost date each other (I say almost because it was at Ella's house mostly) and got to know each other first. Though they were attracted to each other and did act on that, and when they did there was a lot of passion and chemistry between them!

There are some mysteries still left, I still don't really fully understand what Samuel is, and I hope I can find out more in future books. Also I want to know what is going on with Tam and Freddie! I really want to read more!

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