Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Book: Prompossible Plans by Laura Pauling

I received a copy of Prompossible Plans, companion book to Prom Impossible, in exchange for my review.

What happens when there are three guys and one prom? In Prom Impossible Cassidy struggled to gain Michael's attention, going as far as fake dating Jasper, but there was always the thing between her and bad boy, Zeke, that wasn't explored from the it's the boys turn to tell their side of the story, and to tell how they feel about Cassidy. Starting with Zeke and his experiences with Cassidy at Adventure Camp, to Jasper and his reasons for agreeing to Cassidy's plans, to Michael and his realisation that actually Cassidy might just be the girl for him.

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Well that was interesting! As engaging as Prom Impossible was but with having three very different point of views. Throughout the first book I'd been a big fan of Zeke, kind of indifferent towards Michael and disliked Jasper, but now things have changed around a lot.

I still like Zeke a lot. He's my favourite of the three boys, and finding out about some more of his background made more of a difference to making him a deeper character. I also thought that Zeke's point of view put Cassidy in less of a good light. Whereas before during Adventure Camp it seemed that Zeke was the bad guy but in Prompossible Plans, it was more six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Jasper I'm still not sure about...I don't think that he's right for Cassidy, but he was much more likable than in the previous book, mostly because his thought processes were explained. There was also valid reasoning why he liked Cassidy...because she wasn't like other girls, and I thought that that was reasonable and worked well with the set up for the next book.

Now Michael...well him I didn't like in this book. He was really self righteous, to the point where he was judging Cassidy based on something he didn't know the facts about. But not only that he seemed generally dismissive of anyone that he didn't know well, and several people he did know well. I don't know I just didn't like him.

I would like to point out that my feelings for the boys are in no way a bad reflection on the author. quite the opposite in fact. The author managed to create three different characters, with different backgrounds and different motivations. In one book with three first person POVs that's impressive!

I really enjoyed Prompossible Plans and can't wait for the next book in the series!

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