Sunday, 28 September 2014

Book: Jinni's Wish by Marie Hall

Jinni's Wish is book 4 of the Kingdom series.

After being banished to the Eastern Kingdom and stripped of his powers, Jinni is fading fast. Danika refuses to lose one of her boys though and puts events in motion that will mean that Jinni meets his soulmate. Paz is an artist, but she is also lonely, particularly when she's around her brother and his boyfriend. After going to a fair and being told that flying to Alaska will lead her to her soulmate, Paz does exactly that, even though the whole thing sounds ridiculous to her. When the plane crashes though she finds Jinni in the hospital, and he begins to tell her his story, one of love and betrayal and one that Paz will never forget...

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As with each of the other Kingdom books so far, Jinni's Wish has taken on its own tone and its own interpretation of the story. In this case I couldn't help but feel the kind of Arabian Nights vibe that was coming from the story, probably due to the fact that Jinni was telling Paz how he came to fade in the first place. This was woven into the story in an interesting way that worked well, particularly when Paz was painting pictures of the story.

During Jinni's story I was constantly wondering how it was going to end. Though Jinni is one of the 'bad five' I just couldn't help feeling that he really wasn't as bad as he thought he was, which made me constantly wonder what exactly it was about his story that made him think he was. In my opinion his story was tragic and he wasn't really totally to blame for what happened.

I really liked the way that Jinni and Paz's relationship developed. It wasn't blinding passion (mainly cause they couldn't really touch being 'ghosts'. But rather it was a conversation and a growing feeling between souls. I thought that this really came across well and I got a real sense of the possibilities between them.

There were actually very few characters in Jinni's Wish, mainly just Paz's brother and his boyfriend, and the golem Tristan Black (I wondered for a while where he fit in. It all became clear). Then there is also Madame Pandora (which I got a bit over excited about as Pandora is a character from another of Marie Hall's series). This worked well, especially when the characters in Jinni's story were introduced. Anymore characters and I think there would have been too many.

This series just keeps getting better! Not to mention that the next book in the series is about Captain Hook, and he is one of my favourite villains (nothing to do with Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time honest...ok maybe a little to do with that!)