Saturday, 27 September 2014

Book: In a Wolf's Eyes by A Katie Rose

I received a copy of In a Wolf's Eyes in exchange for my review.

Throughout the capital of Soudan and the Federation, the name the Wolf is known. A powerful gladiator and property of the High King himself, Raine is a slave no longer using his real name or accepting his lineage. When a fight goes badly because of an illegal weapon, Raine is visited by the Prince's mysterious wizard, Rygel, who insists on healing him. Meanwhile Ly'Tana, Princess of Kel'Halla, and destined to marry Prince Broughton, nicknamed Brutal for the things he does to slaves, women and animals. The more that Ly'Tana learns about Brutal, the more determined she is to find a way to break the betrothal, and when Brutal is attacked and his father killed, accidentally, she sets off to leave the palace. But Ly'Tana and Raine's paths are set to cross once more, in a way that neither of them could have expected.

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 I'm not really sure where to actually begin here! I loved this book! I read it over a long period of time as opposed to in one go like most books (through necessity) but I found that I hadn't forgotten the details about the plot, or about the characters, between reading stints, which has a great impact on me! In fact having finished In a Wolf's Eyes I just want to get onto the next book (but I'm having to delay that slightly because of some deadlines which makes me somewhat sad!)

The book is told from two points of view, Raine and Ly'Tana. That definitely made for an interesting read because of how drastically different the two characters were. Raine had been a slave for so long that his view of escape was dying, whereas Ly'Tana was more about looking for ways to actually escape. Though different at the beginning of the book, reading their thoughts and their interactions with the other characters made it clear that they are actually far more alike than first thought, and I loved the way that this happened gradually throughout the book.

This did go hand in hand with the progressing romance between the two of them. It was clear since they first saw each other that they liked how the other looked, but as the book progressed it developed slowly into more than that. Though that is true, the romance between the two of them was actually only a sub plot, there was so much else going on in the story that it was just a part of it and not the focus.

The world that Rose has created was fantastic. There was a real sense of the political climate between the different kingdoms, and some groundwork into the magic and mythos of the land, though I do hope, and am looking forward, to those being expanded on in the next couple of books.

I don't even feel that I've scratched the surface with what I've said above, the characters in In a Wolf's Eyes were fantastically created, whether they were primary or secondary characters, and the setting and world